Do you own a vacation rental property and you need assistance? Vacation rental properties are not the same as a private home dwelling as they require more attention compared to what a regular cleaning can offer. Cleaning a vacation rental property is making the home guest ready. Green 2 Kleen provides additional services such as bed linen change out, laundry service for used linens and paper product restocking. Ensuring full availability to your guest as needed.

A bad review from a guest because of an unclean home will hurt your listing and may steer away  prospective customers. We train our staff to be the eyes and ears for our homeowners. We report any broken or missing items to the homeowner immediately so they can begin the claim process. If house rules get broken (i.e., No smoking, no pets, etc.), we report those as well.

Renting a vacation rental can sometimes result in emergency cleanings or short turnarounds between guests. Green 2 Kleen works hard to provide availability for these cleanings to ensure your cleaning troubles are minimal.

In addition to cleaning between guests, we provided our rental property owners with pricing for quarterly or semi-annual deep cleaning of the property. These cleanings are essentially needed to ensure your rental property stays at its cleanest during a big rental season.

Contact us today to set up a free onsite review of the property(s). We at Green 2 Kleen would be happy to relieve you of the stress and burden of cleaning your vacation rental property.